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Wrinkle Correction with Botulinum Toxin Injections

Botulinum toxin was originally developed for the treatment of certain neurological conditions – spasmodic, cerebral palsy, since it helps to relax the muscles. Later it was noticed that botulinum toxin is suitable to reduce the facial tone or even block the activity of sudoriferous glands.

So, when solving the problem of ageing, the botulinum toxin is usually used for correction of forehead wrinkles and wrinkles around the eyes.

The duration of the botulinum toxin effect depends on the corrected area, dose, strength of muscles and patient’s organism.

The botuline makes the muscle less mobile in a certain area, the skin wrinkles less, current deep wrinkles smooth out and no new wrinkles appear for a certain period of time. The injections must be regularly repeated in order to maintain the obtained effect.



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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon View details


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Thank you very much for those correspondence with tests results. I must say I'm really highly satisfied with the way you treat the client (like me) all the medical staff I've met were very nice and friendly to me and the check up results were very quick and efficient -including short explanation in English!

Thank you very much for yo...Dariusz, United Klingdom
Impressions of Northway and the staff: they were really nice, friendly, and smiley :)Craig, United Kingdom
Clinic in Vilnius - great, very clear and considering that English is not their first language I was impressed and never felt like there was any miscommunication. Very good service.Sajida 39, United Kingdom

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