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Face Plastic Surgeries


The elasticity and flexibility of human skin decreases with time, thus producing a significant impact on the face. Wrinkles, sagging skin, decrease in and redistribution of the underlying fatty tissue are the hallmarks of the ageing face. Smoking, alcohol abuse, extensive sun exposure, stress, and other factors accelerate these processes.

Small, single wrinkles may be corrected by botulinus toxin injections or face fillers, but there comes a time when these methods become insufficient. Then the time comes for facelift surgery. It is the most common operation for people over the age of 50 years.

Sometimes face skin lifting is enough for face rejuvenation, but usually it also involves lifting of deeper tissues. Neck skin is also often lifted during the procedure. The incisions are made on the hairy part of the head above the ear, on the front part of the ear and behind the ear, so that after healing the scars become almost unnoticeable.

During the first 3 days after the operation the patient must cool the face with ice packs every hour for 15-20 minutes (there is no need to do it at night). Bruising and swelling that occur after the face lifting operation fade in 2-3 weeks, and stitches are removed in 7 days. It is not recommended to go in for sports or physical activity for 4-6 weeks after the operation.



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