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Embryo Growing and Monitoring

Blastocyst Growing

This is growing the embryo for five or six days by which time it reaches a higher stage of physiological development. Growing an embryo in a laboratory to the blastocyst stage allows laboratory technicians to select the best embryos to transfer to the uterus.

EmbryoScope Time-Lapse for Embryo Monitoring

The Time-lapse system (non-invasive periodical imaging) offers an interruptible monitoring of embryo development and selection of the best suitable embryos of high quality for the transfer into the uterus. According to specialists, this incubator undoubtedly increases the success rate of fertilisation procedures. Sometimes embryos divide into three cells at once, thus bypassing the second stage. This embryo is absolutely not suitable for an implantation. A thorough analysis of the data obtained helps to select an embryo with optimum implantation capabilities.

Embryo Growth in Low Oxygen Concentration

The state-of-the-art three gas mixture is used for embryo growth at Northway Fertility Centre. How does it influence the outcome of fertilisation? Scientists working the field of Reproductive Medicine are constantly looking for new ways to make the best use of infertility treatment techniques, the In Vitro Fertilisation and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). Many studies focused on the improvement of the medium where human embryo grows before its implantation into the uterus. Research suggests that oxygen concentration is a crucial factor to successful embryo growth. Embryos traditionally cultured in oxygen concentration that corresponds to the one in the air (~20%). However, natural environment where an embryo is being cultured contains a lesser concentration of oxygen (from 2% to 8%). The analysis of the scientific data revealed that embryonic development by using the determined concentration of oxygen can improve such success outcome after the IVF and ICSI as the Clinical Pregnancy Rate and a number of births.



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Thank you very much for those correspondence with tests results. I must say I'm really highly satisfied with the way you treat the client (like me) all the medical staff I've met were very nice and friendly to me and the check up results were very quick and efficient -including short explanation in English!

Thank you very much for yo...Dariusz, United Klingdom
Impressions of Northway and the staff: they were really nice, friendly, and smiley :)Craig, United Kingdom
Clinic in Vilnius - great, very clear and considering that English is not their first language I was impressed and never felt like there was any miscommunication. Very good service.Sajida 39, United Kingdom
I had a very successful facial surgery for suspected basal cell from Dr. Domantas Stundys. He speaks excellent English and explained all my options. We then proceeded with surgery at my insistence and I had a painless recovery with no scarring. A very gifted plastic surgeon. I am an American living in LithuaniaRichard 72, Visaginas

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