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Stem Cell Bank and Treatment Centre

Stem Cell Bank

The Northway Stem Cell Bank has been established to store stem cells from babies’ umbilical cord. You can store the stem cells collected from your newborn baby’s umbilical cord only immediately after the child is born. It contains billions of powerful cells that can be used to treat different diseases in your child or any other family member. You cannot protect your children from certain types of disease, but you can take care of this extremely valuable source of treatment.

Stem cell application potential

When unspecialised stem cells become specialised cells, this is called differentiation. Differentiation of cells provides numerous opportunities for regenerative medicine and becomes a source of cell renewal and tissue substitution in the treatment of various diseases like cardiovascular disorders, diabetes mellitus, spinal cord disorders, stroke, burns, and arthritis. For example, there is an opportunity to make new heart muscle cells (cardiomyocytes) in the laboratory and transfer them into patients suffering from chronic heart disease, making it possible for them to avoid heart transplantation. Scientists are convinced that stem cell therapy has the potential to cure diseases that have been incurable so far.

According to scientific data gathered in 2016, stem cells have been involved in over 1600 clinical trials which aim to find a way to cure conditions such as neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, autism, cerebral paralysis, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, blood disorders, congenital metabolic diseases, spinal cord injuries, orthopaedic diseases, skin problems, stroke, traumatic brain injury, systemic sclerosis and osteoporosis.

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Thank you very much for those correspondence with tests results. I must say I'm really highly satisfied with the way you treat the client (like me) all the medical staff I've met were very nice and friendly to me and the check up results were very quick and efficient -including short explanation in English!

Thank you very much for yo...Dariusz, United Klingdom
Impressions of Northway and the staff: they were really nice, friendly, and smiley :)Craig, United Kingdom
Clinic in Vilnius - great, very clear and considering that English is not their first language I was impressed and never felt like there was any miscommunication. Very good service.Sajida 39, United Kingdom

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