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Saturday with the experts at Northway Surgery

Saturday with the experts at Northway Surgery

Attention! The event is canceled due to quarantine in Lithuania.

We have an exclusive offer: don’t miss the chance to consult with the best and highest-skilled surgeons in Lithuania for a special price! On 21 March, you can get a consultation with experienced surgeons for just €30.00!

The following specialists will be available:

1. Indrė Sakalauskaitė, plastic and reconstructive surgeon
The doctor will consult patients on breast augmentation, reduction, lifting, liposuction, eyelid lifting, facial and other types of cosmetic surgery.

2. Vytenis Adomaitis, orthopaedist and traumatologist and expert in the shoulder joint
The doctor will consult on pain issues in the shoulder joint.

3. Kęstutis Bliznikas, orthopaedist and traumatologist
The doctor will consult on pain issues in the wrist, elbow and knee joints and post-traumatic ligament conditions of the knee joint.

Book your appointment now! There are a limited number of appointments! Call +370 5 264 4466

Find time to get an expert opinion on your health!

IMPORTANT: If you have results from previous tests or examinations, findings from previous consultations with other specialists, magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography scans with descriptions, please bring these with you for your consultation at our centre.

The offer is valid till 2020-03-21

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