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What the patient should know about the spermogram

The most accurate results of the study are achieved if the patient abstains from sexual activity for 3-5 days prior. Sperm is obtained by way of masturbation into a special sterile vial sold in any pharmacy. It can also be obtained in the medical centre free of charge.

If the sperm is to be brought from home or hotel, it should be delivered within one hour and transported in warm state, keeping to body temperature.

During the full sperm examination (spermogram) the physical properties of the sperm are defined, its morphology, sperm concentration and its mobility are all evaluated and different functional tests are conducted:

  • The percent of non-mobile sperms which are viable, but inactive is defined during the vitality test;
  • The possible immune infertility is defined during the immune test;
  • The number of spermogenous cells and white blood cells are defined;
  • Sperm agglutination is defined.

During the morphology evaluation the percentage of the sperm with the correct structure and the quantity of the sperm with changed structure forms (pathology of head, neck and tail of the sperm) are defined.

A short examination of the sperm is carried out just in case it is necessary to know how sperm indicators are changed after treatment etc.

Before sperm freezing one should make the following blood study:

• Hepatitis B and C,
• HIV,
• Syphilis RPR and TPHA,
• Anti HBs,
• Anti HBcor,
• Citomegalo IgM,
• Toxoplasmos IgM.

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