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Correction of deformed bunions (Hallux valgus)

The big toe tilt outwards (lot. hallux valgus), the so called “bunions” among people, deformed foot bones are common for foot deformation. It is believed that the nature of this disease lies in uncomfortable footwear. However, heredity is considered to be the main reason. Bony deformation develops while inflicting trauma to the I-st foot toe for a long time, other toes and the very foot also undergo bending. It reveals at the age of 30-50 years, and the person concerns about the illness only upon the occurrence of pain, edema or skin redness, painful callus. This problem troubles both men and women. It is more frequent for women because they exchange the footwear comfort to its beautiful look. Senior people also suffer from the mentioned problem, whose foot joints are damaged by arthrosis.

The patient is prescribed with anti-inflammatory drugs to suppress slight pain and inflammation, including physiotherapeutic procedures, uses special footwear insoles that correct feet movements and decrease the bone pain.

Correction of deformed bunions is the most effective treatment method. The essence of the surgery is to correct the bone axis, remove bony overgrowth, and restore the normal function of the joint. The earlier the person applies to an orthopedist and traumatologist for aid, the milder surgery, and the shorter recovery time will be. If deviation of bunions is slight, the patient will be allowed to walk right after the surgery, and step with the leg that underwent surgery. After the surgery the patient’s foot is bandaged up, and must wear the selected special-purpose footwear. Later on the patient will be allowed to wear ordinary footwear with physical activities to be restricted for 8-12 weeks more. It is best to operate the other leg in 4-6 months.