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Knee arthroscopy

Knee Arthroscopy is one of the most common in the country. The majority of people seeking medical advice comprise young people, capable of working and going in for sports. The main problems are disruptions of the knee, i.e. cruciate ligaments, meniscus tears, cartilage injuries, in other words, damage to the structures, self-healing of which is heavy. In case of a successful surgery, the patient will go in for sports to the same extent he has done it before the surgery. An accurate diagnosis and timely professional treatment are essential.

Most of injuries suffered by patients are related to sports, while domestic injuries are rare.

Arthroscopy is a way of treatment, which does not involve making an incision, and the place to undergo the surgery is accessed, operated and the process of surgery is being controlled via video cameras and optical systems. First of all, the joint is examined by means of special tools, following by an identification of the pathology and treatment procedures after that.