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Carpal tunnel syndrome removal

Older women engaged in physically demanding work or performing a lot of monotonous motions start feeling numbness of fingers or even searing pain in the wrist at night as the years go by. These women are often diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome by medical specialists. This disease is quite rare among men.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can greatly complicate life. In the beginning, it declares itself by numbness of 3-4 fingers, eventually becoming more severe, and if no measures are taken in time the situation may worsen and the pain becomes searing. If no treatment is applied, the fingers become insensitive, everything falls off the hands, it becomes easier to wound oneself, finger tips may even exulcerate, one may develop thenar muscle atrophy and hand function impairs.

The development of carpal tunnel syndrome is determined by peculiarities of the wrist, systemic disease (diabetics, rheumatic arthritis), local inflammations, and long-term monotonous work.

In all cases mentioned the pressure in the carpal tunnel increases, the most common cause being heavy physical load on the hands and inflammation of tendon sheaths.

In cases where carpal tunnel syndrome has developed and antiinflammatory drugs are ineffective, the only efficient treatment is a surgical procedure that involves the opening of the carpal tunnel and cutting the carpal ligament.

This surgery can be performed through an open technique or endoscopy. An open technique is more popular.

After cutting the carpal ligament there is more space left in the carpal tunnel and the pressure is reduced. Searing pain at night disappears on the day following the surgery. The patient may experience disorientation of sensitivity, but it will restore in time.

Slight pain after the surgery is felt only on the wound. The stitches are removed in a week. It is recommended to restrict physical activities for several weeks, to take care of the wrist by winding it with an elastic bandage and to take B vitamins.