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Laser surgeries

Laser surgeries are conducted by means of different lasers and light guides. This determines the frequency of complications and the cost of surgery. Surgeons at “Northway” Medical Centre use a new generation laser, the newest, and the safest radial light guides.

Nonetheless, the laser damages the vein walls more often, so there is a high probability of post-operative complications and bruising. But laser treatment involves using of more laser energy, so it can be applied to the veins of bigger diameter. The preference is also given to laser in treatment of small vein segments.

Cost is another advantage of the laser surgery, because a light guide necessary for such a surgery is cheaper than an electrode used to carry radio waves.

The patient is recommended to move after any endovenous surgery, because walking stimulates faster recovery, and protects from deep vein thrombosis. The patient must exercise caution after the surgery, it is prohibited to lift any heavy things, stand, or sit for a long time. The patient is recommended to wear compression stockings for 2-3 weeks after the surgery, which help to improve blood circulation. It is recommended to postpone traveling by plane for a month at least, because it can increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis.