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Kinesitherapy is treatment with the help of motion and physiotherapy. Kinesitherapy is applied in cases of most diseases and is initiated as soon as the patient’s condition stabilizes. It is prescribed in order to recover or recuperate motion function, decrease the chance of complications (tromboembolism, respiratory tract infection, bedsores, contractures, etc.), and maintain the patient’s general physical capacity.

Usually after a disease, surgery, or trauma human muscles weaken, joint mobility decreases, natural movements are disturbed, and all human physical features suffer. Kinesitherapy also is prescribed in cases of back pain, joint pain, decreased joint mobility, after trauma, in case of faulty posture and other musculoskeletal disorders.

Kinesitherapy in water is highly effective. In water humans only weigh one tenth of their usual body weight, therefore joints receive less load and it is easier to perform movements, stand or walk. In water, the diaphragm is raised and peripheral blood circulation improves, water decreases pain, muscle irritability, spasticity, extremity tremor, and improves patients’ emotional state. Contrary to being on land, where extremity load is limited, patients can safely exercise in the water.