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In 2015 Northway Surgical Centres in Vilnius and Kretinga achieved the Joint Commission International (JCI) hospital accreditation.  The JCI award is one of the highest international evaluations of performance and safety for a medical institution, and is recognized as the global Gold Seal of Approval. JCI is more than an accreditation – it is an obligation to maintain the high level of quality and safety of the services. We will consistently maintain the level we have reached, continue improving the processes, and develop the principles of the system introduced in medical centres.

Northway medical and surgical centres have implemented the Quality Management System, which is in compliance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 and approved by the supporting certificate issued by the International Organization for Accreditation Bureau Veritas on 18 of May 2018.

The Quality Management System applies to all services provided by Northway medical and surgical centres in Vilnius, Klaipėda and Kretinga. It covers preventive health check-ups, diagnostics, outpatient and inpatient treatment, daytime surgery and surgical treatment, rehabilitation, services of the Centre for Reproductive Medicine, and other services.

The Management System contains identified processes required for the provision of healthcare services in compliance with patients’ and legislation’s requirements. The processes undergo planning, management, supervision, measurement, and improvement in order not only to meet patients’ needs, but also to exceed them. It also contains set criteria and indexes, including criteria and indexes for quality improvement. Achievement of indexes is constantly observed and measures are regularly taken for improvement.

Northway medical centre employs safe and modern equipment that undergoes maintenance in accordance with the requirements set out by legislation and manufacturers. A program for infection prevention and management developed and regularly improved in accordance with WHO recommendations and best world practice has been implemented in the centre. Sterile disposable instruments are used in the centre, including observation of expiration dates of reagents and disposal of these instruments upon their expiration.

High standards on cleanliness are applied to the premises of the Centre for Reproductive Medicine, where air is filtered with HEPA filters that catch such small particles like viruses, dust molecules, and bacteria. And that is very important because processing of cells influenced by environmental conditions must be done in the environment containing air and purity of set quality in order to minimize the risk of contamination. The efficiency of these measures has been approved and undergoes regular checks.

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