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Booking procedure

Preliminary registration in Vilnius by phone +370 (5) 264 4466 during the operation hours of the medical center.

The registration to doctors is also possible through internet.

The registrar will remind on the time and date of the registration to the doctor-specialist the day before visit by SMS. Besides, the registrar will inform you whether it is necessary to prepare for the visit beforehand (for example, not to eat before analysis etc).

If you apply for the operation, its date and the exact cost are discussed during the visit to the doctor.

Applying to the medical center for the first time it is necessary to have the document certifying the personality with you. During the first visit the contract on medical services is drawn up. The medical services are not provided without the contract.

If you cannot come on the assigned time, please, inform us about that by phone +370 (5) 264 4466.


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