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Information for clients

For more information about the prices of our services, please contact us by phone +370 (5) 264 4466

The centre accepts the following types of payments:

  • cash;
  • payment cards (“MasterCard”, “Visa”, “Maestro”, “American Express”);
  • bank transfer on the contract;
  • providing the insurance document;
  • using the service GF Medlizingas provided by General Financing.

Insurance we accept:

The list of the services covered by your insurance company is enclosed with your insurance contract.

Please note that a patient must pay for the healthcare services that are not covered by the insurance company. We advise you consult with your insurance expert and find out whether the healthcare services you need are subject to insurance coverage. Northway Medical Centre shall bear no responsibility if your insurance company refuses to pay for the services rendered.

If you are planning a surgical treatment in our centre, payment terms and conditions must be agreed in advance with the insurance company. Ask for procedure´s payment confirmation at Northway Medical Centre’s cash desk.


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