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We have received the influenza vaccine for the coming season. Protect yourself against flu (and its threatening complications) by getting a flu shot!


Flu is an infection of the respiratory tract, characterized by sudden onset. Although the symptoms of flu and cold are in some way similar (fatigue, fever, cough, sore throat and headache), contrary to the cold, flu comes on and develops very quickly. After the virus enters the body, infection penetrates into different body organs and can trigger severe complications (such as pneumonia, otitis (ear inflammation), sepsis, meningitis, etc.), and sometimes even death.

It is almost impossible for people living in urban areas to avoid contact with influenza during the outbreak. If you go to work, shopping centres or your children’s day-care centre/school, you will definitely catch a flu virus because it is being spread into the air by each infected person when he/she sneezes, coughs or talks.

Vaccination is the only accepted way to protect against the flu, according to today’s’ science-based medicine. World health organisations consider vaccination as the main and most effective preventive measure against influenza, capable of protecting people from flu and its complications: pneumonia, bronchitis, otitis, sinusitis, acute conditions of chronic diseases, etc.  According to statistics, 4% of people in the unvaccinated population get sick with flu during the outbreak. In the vaccinated population, 1% of people get sick with flu, but they usually have “benign”, non-life-threatening forms of the disease.

Vaccination is especially important for people and their relatives at high risk of influenza complications. The high-risk group for flu complications include elderly individuals (aged more than 65 years), children, people with chronic conditions like AIDS, diabetes mellitus, chronic lung disorders (specifically asthma), people with overweight with BMI > 40 and people with immunodeficiencies due to certain diseases or drugs consumption.

Annual vaccination is recommended prior to the flu season – from September up to November.  You can get vaccination even later because the immune response will develop before the incubation period ends.

See your GP for a physical examination before vaccination. Your GP will evaluate your health status and provide recommendation for vaccines.


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