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Plastic surgeons

Every person wants to be unique, but if his physical appearance doesn’t meet the socially defined standards, it makes him feel bad. Some people don’t want to, or cannot stand the fact that they have, for example, protruding ears, saggy eyebrows, or feel “flat-chested“. They are not satisfied with their natural look. In this case, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon can help.

The doctor aims to understand his patient’s wishes and explain whether these wishes can be delivered. So the patient could be satisfied with her improved looks. If a doctor decides that a surgery is unnecessary, he tries to persuade the patient.

But beauty isn‘t the only goal of plastic surgeries. For example, large breasts can cause pain in the shoulders or neck, and even hand numbness. Saggy eyebrows can interfere with your vision, and tired eyes in the evenings making it hard to read or watch TV. Protruding ears and discomfort with one’s appearance can cause distress and even depression.

Plastic surgeons perform aesthetic treatment and plastic and reconstructive surgery:

– hyaluronic injections;
– botulinum toxin injections;
– upper and lower eyelid plastic surgery;
– protruding ears;
– breast lift, augmentation and reduction;
– abdominal wall;
– liposuction;
– hand tendon diseases;
– removal of wrist and elbow canal syndrome;
– removal of scars, benign tumours.



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