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Ear surgery – protruding ears

Plastic surgery on protruding ears may be carried out on both adults and children. This is most common for parents to take their children of preschool age (about 6 years old) to this surgery. However, there is a considerable amount of older patients who, having suffered from the complex of having prominent ears for years before finally deciding on the surgery. This type of plastic surgery is equally common among women and men, for one or both protruding ears.

On average, the operation takes about 1-1.5 hours to complete. There is no need to shave the hair around the ears before the operation.

The procedure involves softening of the ear cartilage and fixing it in another position to bring to normal position. Several hours after the operation the patient is permitted to go home and to return for dressing on the next day. The stitches are removed in a week. The incision is made right behind the ear, so the removal of stitches leaves a tiny scar, which will become almost invisible in 4-6 months.

Time of year or season does not have any impact on the surgery outcome. A person planning the surgery must be aware of slight ear swelling and impairment of sensitivity he may experience for several months after the procedure. A cap is necessary to wear in the cold season due to increased sensitivity to cold. It is recommended to avoid contact associated sports for 1-2 months; it is allowed to swim in the sea in 2-3 weeks after the surgery. It is also recommended to avoid exposure to strong sunlight for several weeks after the surgery.


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