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Scar plastic surgery

Scars are left after injury, chemical, and temperature burns, surgical procedures, ionising radiation. Their treatment – dermabrasion, solution injections, and surgical treatment – depends on the origin, location, size, and depth of the scars.

The level of scar visibility, whether it will become less noticeable or invisible, is determined not only by the complexity of the treatment and correct treatment method, but by the inherited property of skin recovery, pigmentation and human age too. Some scars remind us of their existence every day, especially those located around joints, thus restricting the motions of muscles, joints, and tendons. The scars may cause psychological problems due to the defects occurred in the appearance.

You should not avoid visiting a plastic surgeon, because some of the scars are removed under local anesthesia and may require an outpatient treatment.

Children are frequent patients of plastic surgery of this type, since they are active, careless and sustain various injuries at such an age. In order to avoid psychological problems that result from an aesthetic defect, plastic surgery should be carried out before the beginning of puberty.

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