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Surgical Centre

Modern Treatment Methods

Why choose Northway Medical Centre?

Northway Medical and Surgical Centres in Vilnius provide precise medical diagnostics, specialist consultation, and elective surgery: orthopaedic-traumotological, gynaecological, plastic and reconstructive, vascular, proctological, and other surgeries.

Experienced and Highly Skilled Surgeons

The highly skilled experts who work at Northway Surgical Centre are united by the same goal – to establish the cause of your illness as accurately and promptly as possible, and help to resolve your health issues.

New and Advanced Equipment in Operating Rooms

Northway Surgical Centre employs the most advanced modern medical equipment, surgical instruments, and tools purchased from suppliers who guarantee the highest quality, and whose products meet the newest standards of accuracy and efficiency.

Modern Treatment Methods

At Northway Surgical Centre, surgeries are carried out through minimally invasive methods, such as arthroscopic, mini-hysteroscopic, laparoscopic, radiosurgical or laser.  For these minimally invasive procedures, the postoperative period is generally short and easy.

Prompt and Responsive service

At Northway Surgical Centre, surgeries are planned promptly and at a time convenient for the patient. The Surgical Centre laboratory is located on-site. You will receive results of all the necessary preoperative laboratory tests at once.

Pleasant and Comfortable Atmosphere

Northway Surgical Centre is intended for people who value privacy and exclusive attention. After the surgery, patients are transferred to cosy single or double wards, equipped with a TV set and Wi-Fi Internet to brighten up the time spent in the centre.

Caring and Helpful Personnel

We are proud of our highly skilled personnel and specialists. From your very first visit to Northway Surgical Centre, you will receive exceptional attention, and our staff will ensure that your treatment and healing process would be not only maximally effective, but pleasant as well.

Exceptional Attention to Every Patient

Every Northway Surgical Centre’s patient receives comprehensive information on the upcoming surgery, answers to all questions or concerns, and discusses in details the course of the surgery. We care about patients in the postoperative period and keep in touch with them after they go home as well.


At Northway Surgical Centre, we pay particular attention to the patient‘s safety, privacy, and guarantee of confidentiality. Patient’s personal and health information is available only to surgical centre specialists who are directly involved in your treatment process.

Exactly what the sick, healthy, everyone needs

Why choose us?
7 Operating Rooms
16 years of experience
80 Highly Skilled Surgeons
4795 operations in 2020
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Thank you very much for those correspondence with tests results. I must say I'm really highly satisfied with the way you treat the client (like me) all the medical staff I've met were very nice and friendly to me and the check up results were very quick and efficient -including short explanation in English!

Thank you very much for yo...Dariusz, United Klingdom
Impressions of Northway and the staff: they were really nice, friendly, and smiley :)Craig, United Kingdom
Clinic in Vilnius - great, very clear and considering that English is not their first language I was impressed and never felt like there was any miscommunication. Very good service.Sajida 39, United Kingdom

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