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Congratulations to Professor B. Žilaitienė for excellent achievements

Professor Birutė Žilaitienė, an endocrinologist and andrologist at Northway Medical and Surgical Centre, passed the European exam for the certificate of sexual medicine specialist, and now is a sexual medicine practitioner (FECSM).

Sexual dysfunction in males is one of the research fields in andrology.  Therefore, knowledge and experience in sexual medicine is a must in an andrologist’s work. The European Committee of Sexual Medicine has approved training programmes and qualification examinations in sexual medicine for medical doctors. Candidates willing to check their competency in sexual medicine hold an examination. After successful passing, the MJCSM issues a certificate of qualification in sexual medicine, which is recognised across Europe.

The professor says that ‘both a preparation course and questions in the exam helped to systemise sexual medicine knowledge and to learn about the latest developments. In clinical practice, competence in sexual medicine enables the medical specialist to apply the newest evidence-based diagnostics and treatment methods. In the cases in which sexual dysfunction causes infertility, or patients seek medical advice due to sexual disorders, it will be possible to choose the right and effective treatment’.

This year, Birutė Žilaitienė also received an academic qualification as a professor.


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