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Main reasons why people need dietitians

Obesity is a condition of abnormal or excessive fat accumulation in the body that impedes the normal functioning of an organism.  Obesity can not only cause danger to your health and life but also provoke the development of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, bladder stone disease, hypertension, high cholesterol and osteoarthritis. One or several of the following factors can cause obesity: lifestyle, metabolism disorders, social, cultural, and genetic factors.

A digestive system disorder is present when digestion slows down to an abnormal level, indigested food starts to ferment in the digestive tract, various ailments occur, and the organism fails to assimilate food substances. Reasons for digestive system disorders include bad eating habits (not chewing your food well enough, overnight eating, too much drinking during meals), severe stress, low level of acidity in the stomach, and production of digestive enzymes.

Eating disorders are characterized by irregular eating habits (for example, taking different diets) or by being concerned about a rapid weight loss. The most common types of eating disorders include anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Bulimia nervosa can be described as a cycle of bingeing and compensatory behaviour such as self-induced vomiting or taking laxative drugs. Anorexia nervosa is a condition when a person always feels fat and is afraid of gaining weight. The causes of eating disorders are psychological. Various diseases that require strict adherence to a diet. They may include digestive system disorders (liver diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, etc.), diabetes, dyslipidemia, and podagra.


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